3 Ingredient Salads: part deux

My fingertips are lemony.

It's august and the tomatoes are in season. I keep staring at them in the kitchen. Also, I stare at the bananas. A lot. And no, I wouldn't say it's some Freudian phallic urge. I just like a bananas. A lot. As in, at least one a day, as in my family goes through two bunches in a week.
And I love simplicity. In keeping with the idea of a fruit, a vegetable, and a liquid (as explained in my post of my previous 3 ingredient salads, grapefruit-avocado and cucumber-mango), I cut a lemon as well. And yes, I know that tomatoes aren't technically veggies. But let's pretend they are. Your face isn't technically a vegetable. Burned. 
Well, not really burned. This salad is as fresh and can be, and is best served cold, either by chilling the ingredients before hand, or the whole salad after completion. The sweetness in the banana keeps the lemon from being too puckery, and the tomato (if you have good ones) keep the texture from getting too mealy. 
Eat it. Now.

Tomato Banana Salad
serves 4 small portions. under 10 mins

2 bananas
2 medium tomatoes
juice of 1/2 lemon

Cut the bananas and tomatoes into short spears. Toss with lemon juice.
Garnish with curls of lemon peel if you wish.
Chill and serve.

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