Super Sexy Sesame Ssscookies

 I gotta say, I'm not a big fan of sesame. But a friend who is very dear to me kinda loves the flavor more than anything. So, you know. It might not have even been a question of whether I would make these cookies for her. And they're gluten-free!

These cookies are made with almond flour, which is really just ground up almonds. They're the best gluten-free substitute I can find so far. Though, I'm pretty sure that you could make these with regular all-purpose and they'd still knock you over. Even I, a non-sesame lover, had a few. And maybe a couple more. 


Meyer Lemon Budino

It's raining in New York, and my nose hurts from sneezing so much. I hate the cold that comes inevitably with the first week of school. My immune system just wasn't ready. Already I'm thinking wistfully back to summer, especially the lovely week I spent in LA. Sunny and fruitful. A Meyer lemon tree in the backyard.

Which bore many many lemons. Overjoyed with fresh meyer lemons, I decided something must be done. So I did it. 


Best Potato Salad (with a little something I like to call Basil, bitches)

 So here's a lil' sumfin' for the spring and early summer, prime new potato season. Oh, what's that you say? It's now coming nigh on autumn? TOO BAD. Find yourself some fingerling potatoes instead.
Really, this dish is all about the sauce. As long as you find some small, non-starchy potatoes to use, you're set any time of year. Because, yum.


Inception Cookies (what?!)

These cookies are, yes, based on the movie. The movie features a dream within a dream within a dream. Well, here's the adjoining baked good: a cookie within a cookie (within a cookie, if you count oreo filling as the third cookie). Truly: an oreo covered in chocolate chip cookie dough and baked right up. Inception cookies for the win. 
These cookies are orgasmic (to quote my brother, who upon biting in said something like: "I just jizzed in my mouth"). The oreo gets nice and soft, and how could anyone dislike chocolate chip cookies?


Mango Bread

 It sounds a bit odd, but it's delicious. A steaming loaf from the oven for breakfast. I feel tropically overcome, in the middle of my kitchen on the tenth floor of an apartment in new york where the smog rises by my window, and many feet below the cars honk and the bagels sell.


Overnight Oats, Anyone?

Overnight oats, as an idea, is pretty appealing. It's oatmeal you don't cook. It's breakfast you can prepare in individual portions the night before and have a bowl waiting for you in the morning... with endless variations.