Grapefruit Honey Yogurt Scones

These scones are not your normal scones. Soft, chewy, tart. They make your tongue tingle in that lovely way that grapefruit does.


Breakfast Quinoa

Well, I can only assume you followed my every move and made the quinoa kale salad from before and now have left over quinoa. 
You wake in the morning, yawn, stretch, and pad to the kitchen. And behold! O mighty quinoa, you are sitting in a container in my fridge! Come to my belly, my child!


Kale Salad with Quinoa

When I was in LA, I had a lot of kale salad. And I mean a lot. Like, 5 times in a week. Because it was so yummy! And the best one I had was from this great lunch place, Veggie Grill. What I especially liked about their salad was that it was sprinkled with quinoa. Once more folks: protein! And it just tastes so good nestled up with kale.


A Wedding Cake.

Not just any wedding cake, the wedding cake. The wedding cake I baked with my (then soon-to-be) step-sister Emma for my father's wedding. 


Chard Cakes

I have mentioned Michael before, and during the same trip he taught me Avocado Grapefruit Salad, he made his famed chard cakes. I was craving them yesterday, so I requested his recipe which he graciously supplied.


Apricot Granola

Mmm... granola. My family are self-described crunchy-granola-upper-west-siders. And it's true. We're not hippy-dippy (though at times I veer off to that edge), but we do eat a lot of veggie/vegan organic, local farm-grown food, wear tevas, play ultimate frisbee, and go to world music concerts.
And me? Well, I love granola. I don't really eat cereal with milk. Never have; I don't like how it gets soggy. So, minor freak that I am, I eat cereal with yogurt. Especially granola with yogurt. So, yesterday morning, with a hankering for granola and not enough for a bowl in sight, I pulled up a recipe and conjured my first batch.

Dry, Coated, Baked


3 Ingredient Salads

Perhaps this will be an ongoing theme. As I said before, I'm not into fussy preparation. So for me, something that has under five ingredients is just what I'm looking for. And this summer, I have been enjoy two simply awesome three ingredient salads.
The three ingredients here are as follows for both salads: one fruit, one vegetable, and one liquid.
Both salads rely on really great produce, since there's barely any preparation done. I suggest only buying local, organic ingredients that are in season for these salads, because trust me, it makes all the difference.
The first salad I learned from a great cook and friend of mine, Michael Sieverts.

It involves avocado, grapefruit, and olive oil. A simple vinaigrette is just a mix of an acid like vinegar or citrus juice and an oil like olive oil or nut oils. Here, the vinaigrette is created with the juice of the grapefruit mingling with the olive oil. For both salads, a little time for them to sit and gather flavor is beneficial.