Bardbarian Ultimate Cake

No recipe here, sorry. I just wanted to showcase a beautiful (and if I do say, delicious) cake my friend Nina and I made a while back.

We're part of our school's Ultimate Frisbee team, and we bake them a ton of food. Growing boys and all. Our team is called the Bardbarians, a pun on our school's name. It's a tradition among frisbee teams to have kinda cringe-worthy yet creative names: in New York we have the Millennium Falcons for Millennium High School, and the Hunter Halcyons for Hunter high school, to give two prime examples.
We drew a bardbarian as per the illustration on our frisbee. It turned out pretty fierce, let me say. With those yummy mini chocolate chips and all. The frosting was vanilla buttercream that was dyed a light chartreuse to mimic the positively neon frisbee, and the cake was a devil's food deep chocolate.


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